Should you ever experience a problem with your site and be unable to rectify it yourself, ask the respective hosting provider’s support team to help you get the website back online. A fast resolution would be the most optimal scenario, but a lot of hosting companies answer within twenty four hours and even more, all the more so if you’re dealing with a hosting reseller. Even if the problem can be quickly resolved, your site may not work correctly or it may not be reachable whatsoever for a longer time interval, so you may lose prospective customers since it’s rather unlikely that anybody would be happy to come back to an inoperative site. Because of this, you should make certain not only that you can touch base with your web hosting company, but also that they can respond and assist you in a well-timed fashion. If an application update doesn’t go smoothly or if you delete something unintendedly, for instance, the site must be fixed swiftly in order to prevent protracted inaccessibility.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Website Hosting
In case you’re using any of our Linux cloud website hosting packages and you have a question or experience a certain problem, you can touch base with us 24-7 by submitting a technical support ticket or by writing an email and we guarantee that you will have a reply in no more than sixty minutes. If the issue can be solved, we’ll do it before we reply, whereas if there’s something that you need to do on your end, we’ll supply you with all the required details – what settings to check, what possible solutions to try, etc. Typically, you’ll get a response within less than 30 minutes, so waiting around for hours and hours on end or even for more than a day to obtain help is something unthinkable. Our 1-hour response time guarantee applies to any inquiry that you may have – general, billing or technical.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting
With a semi-dedicated server package from our company, you can take advantage of our really fast support service. You will obtain a response to any trouble ticket opened via the web hosting Control Panel or email sent to our tech and client support staff in no more than sixty minutes. The response time is guaranteed and it applies regardless of the issue – technical or billing. It often takes much less time to examine and rectify a problem. We will supply you with more info in case the solution entails something that should be done on your end. If you contact us during weekends or public holidays, the response time will be absolutely the same and because of the fact that our support team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will get prompt help for any general, technical or billing issue regardless of the hour at which you contact us.