With the email forwarding enabled for any given address, all incoming email messages will be sent to a third-party e-mail address which you have picked even though the latter will not be in the list of recipients and also, the sender won't be aware exactly where their message goes. Feel free to use such a feature if you have a number of emails as it will likely be far more convenient to receive all of the inbound emails in a single mailbox instead of logging in and out of various ones on a regular basis or configuring a variety of mailboxes in an e-mail application. If you have a business or maybe an organization, the e-mail forwarding is also a way to look at all emails received by numerous divisions for improved coordination. You could also use this function the other way round - a message sent to a standard email address can be forwarded to multiple people.
E-mail Forwarding in Cloud Website Hosting
The Hepsia Control Panel, which is provided with all of our cloud website hosting packages, will help you to forward any email address inside the account to a second one without difficulty. You can do this either during the creation of a brand new mailbox or whenever you want later on if you decide that you'll need this feature. During the process, you are able to choose if you need a duplicate of the email messages to be maintained on the server. In this way, you'll have a backup and you will steer clear of the possibility to lose a message if the forwarding is to an outside address, which is momentarily unavailable. This feature can be enabled and deactivated at any time, but if you use emails for crucial matters, it is better to use it, because no records of the emails are kept on the server when the option is not enabled. Any time you decide that you don't need forwarding any more, it takes only a click to disable it.
E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Forwarding an e mail address located in our system can be very uncomplicated in case you have a semi-dedicated server plan with our company and will also not take you more than a few clicks to set up. You can do this through the Emails section of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and you'll be able to keep track of the email addresses which are being forwarded and where the e-mails will be sent with a glance. The option is activated and deactivated for any of the email addresses in your account. You can also enable or disable a useful option that we provide - a backup of the e-mails being sent through our servers can stay on the server. In this way, you'll also have a backup of your incoming emails and you will not have to be worried about losing any information. In case you have this option deactivated, you risk losing emails if there is an issue with the remote email address.